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We would require the following information (if appropriate) to be able to provide you with a quotation:- Approximate passenger numbers, Pick-up time and place(s), Destination(s) / Itinerary (type of trip), Leave time or Arrive time back at pick-up point, Drop-off place(s), Any special requests, Proposed date of trip. Whilst the date of the proposed trip is important in order for us to check our availability, it is not always necessary at the quotation stage. We will then work out our price and e-mail, phone or fax your quotation.

Queensland Transport Department requires all operators of public passenger services to hold Operator Accreditation, the purpose of which is to ensure:-

(1) High quality passenger transport services by setting minimum requirements in the areas of safety, service delivery and business acumen.

(2) Operators are held accountable for complying with the appropriate standards.

Once we have received your instructions to book either by e-mail, phone or faxed signed quotation, we check on our availability again, and if we have availability we then reserve the vehicle(s) in our electronic diary system. Once the vehicle is reserved, we do not take any other bookings on for that vehicle during the same times etc. We will then confirm your booking and provide a Tax Invoice to you by e-mail, phone or fax. We sometimes will issue a Booking Confirmation first and a Tax Invoice nearer to the date of travel. We generally will not contact you again before the date of travel, however should you wish to phone us and re-check you're booking details with us at any time, you are welcome to do so.

We operate a first come, first served basis with all our vehicles. It is always wise to confirm your booking with us as soon as possible. Of course, if you do have a last minute booking enquiry, please contact us and we will do our very best to help you. We generally always sort something out.

We generally require a 20% deposit for bus charter to confirm your booking and reserve the vehicle; however this does not apply for individual private airport transfers. We do however reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if the booking is cancelled at very late notice.

Final payment is generally due before the date of travel, however in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of management beforehand, we will allow payment on the date of travel to our driver. We also understand that some large companies have an 'accounts payable' procedure which can take time to process. Providing we are informed of this procedure, and are given contact details of the person/department paying our tax invoice etc, then we are more than happy to accommodate this request.

Our preferred method of payment is by direct deposit (EFT) using internet banking and quoting your tax invoice number in the reference field. You can also pay by Visa or Mastercard credit cards over the phone or just e-mail/fax your credit card details to the office. Please be aware that a credit card processing fee applies.

Alternatively, we also accept traditional methods of paying such as a cheque (payable to Gold Coast Travel, with your tax invoice number on reverse) posted beforehand (allow min of 5 days), or a cheque handed to the driver on the date of travel (by prior approval).
If any of the above methods are not suitable, then by we will accept payment by cash to the driver on the date of travel (by prior approval). We do not have mobile credit card facilities in vehicles.

Generally parking fees, bridge tolls and road tolls are included in your quotation, however if we do not know a particular parking charge at a venue beforehand etc, we will advise you on the quotation that the parking charge will be extra and the customers responsibility.

We work out our prices taking many factors into account. Sometimes it is not cost effective or practical to bring the vehicle and driver back to the depot, therefore the hire cost will be for the complete period. On other occasions if it is cost effective and practical, we may price the job on a drop and return later basis, so we may use the vehicle on other jobs that fit around etc, which will work out slightly cheaper. We use our discretion in all cases.

You will be met in the arrivals area by our driver. He will be holding a greeting sign with your name on it and will stand in a prominent position near where you come out etc. You will then be escorted to your vehicle parked nearby.

Only your group travels in the vehicle for your journey. No other pick-ups or drop offs are undertaken, unless requested by you.

Please indicate at the booking stage if you need a luggage trailer and we will accommodate your request. We always include an appropriate luggage trailer within the price for jobs that require one.

You are not obligated to tip a driver, however if you are satisfied with your drivers' performance and the service received, then you may do so. You may do this on an individual or group basis.

Yes we do, and they are free of charge. Please discuss your requirements at the time of booking.

Generally, we can accommodate just about any changes to your trip if given enough notice. When changes involve moving or postponing your trip, this is generally handled as a cancellation and re-booking. We can sometimes waive cancellation fees on re-booking as long as there is availability and the total cost of your trip does not change.

The cost of your trip is based on the itinerary and times that was supplied to us by the organizer at the quotation stage. If there is additional time added to the trip and assuming that the extension fits in with existing jobs for the vehicle and driver etc, then you will be responsible for covering these extra costs.

Yes, all our vehicles have air-conditioning. Please liaise with your driver for your individual comfort level.

The company policy is as follows. Smoking is strictly not allowed. Alcohol or food consumption is generally not allowed in the vehicle. There are certain occasions at the discretion of management if discussed beforehand, that we may allow alcohol or food to be consumed on a trip. There is generally an extra charge for this privilege and we may also ask for a refundable deposit in case of spillage etc. The driver has ultimate discretion, and has the full backing of management to over rule any prior agreements made with customers regarding alcohol or eating of food, if he feels there will be a problem or potential safety issue etc. Kegs, and glasses are not permitted. Red wine and sparkling wine is also not permitted due to the risk of spillage and high risk of staining etc.

Certain coolers will be allowed on the bus by prior approval; however for safety reasons the cooler must be placed in a safe area so that the aisles are kept clear. Please supply some form of a protecting cover for the cloth seats etc.

It depends on how you want us to work out the quotation. Typically, it is the responsibility of the customer to find, book and pay for a room for the driver on a dinner, bed & breakfast basis, however if required to do so, we can do this task.


Often, accommodation places will include a complimentary room and breakfast for the driver if you have a large group staying at their establishment. It is convenient for all concerned if the driver is booked into the same accommodation as the passengers, however please enquire about bus parking at the accommodation when making the booking. Please inform us of the drivers' bed & breakfast booking details before the date of travel.

No. Our drivers can plan toilet stops according to your itinerary.

No. The vehicles are not able to accommodate any handicapped equipment inside of the vehicle. The luggage trailer may be able to be used to accommodate such a request for the storage of handicapped equipment during transit. Please discuss the options available at the quotation stage.

We will reschedule your pick-up time as required.

Whilst we have no objections for you to view any our vehicles before you make a booking with us and our experience tells us that customers are always satisfied with the quality of vehicles we will be allocating to their job. The other factor to consider is when we can organise the vehicle availability for viewing due to work load that also ties in with the customer's availability.

Yes. If necessary, we can provide you with proof or a copy of our insurances during your booking instructions.

No. We only supply vehicles with qualified drivers

Whilst every attempt is made to cover the most frequently asked questions, please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions that are not covered above.


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